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Cub Pack 341
Ky Down Under


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KY Down Under Trip - NEW

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Kentucky Down Under ( KY Caverns )

On July 12 we are planning an outing for Kentucky Down Under. We would like for all scouts and there families to attend.

We will also be camping for those who would like to stay the night instead of driving back,

We will have several exciting things to do while were here

Cave Tour: An active cave where guides interpret the geology of karst areas and the importance of protecting caves and ground water.

Woolshed Program: Introduces to the lifestyle of an Australian Sheep Station

Outback Walkabout: Visitors stroll through an open field where Kangaroos, Emus , and other animals room freely.

Walk-In Aviary: Birds sanctuary

Discovery Area: Experience encounters with some of natures most loveable wildlife.

Camp Corroboree: Introduces the culture of the Australian Aborigines.

Nature Trail: Walk through a Hardwood Forest

Gift Shop: self-explanatory

We will be set up as a tour group so everyone would be required to stay together. We will bring food for the lunch while at the park site.


3yrs to 8th grade - $6.00

High School        - $7.50

Adults                  -$10.50

In order to get a group rate we must all meet and enter at the same time, We will also have to purchase the tickets in advance and we will have to have the money by June 30th Pack Meeting.

This is an excellent opportunity for the scouts to complete several areas of their books. Most should be able to complete the requirements.

We are also planning to camp while down there for those people who want to stay. We would leave around 10am on Sunday morning and should be returning back to Louisville around Noon.

Cost for Families Camping 20.00 per family

Must have All Money turned in no later than June 30th,

Call Theresa Hockenbury if you have any questions or concerns. 502-231-0333

Cub Pack 341 - Louisville, Kentucky - Lincoln Heritage Council